CUtting Capes



We picked the best fabric possible for the job. We went with a nylon that provides both a good "drape" over the client and is still sturdy enough to keep its shape. It is coated to make it water repellent and durable. 


We tested different snaps for the right tension that is both easy to use and open and close but yet will remain in place. We went with what we found to be the best one and had special pieces made to manufacture. 



We decided to put flare and technicality into the binding of the barber cape. Its dual purpose serves as an aesthetic touch and to properly weigh the cape down for the proper placement over the client.  

Move to professional standards in anything you do


When it comes to our tools and accessories the details are ruefully overlooked. There is no design, love, or attention to details as we are expected to have in our work. We wanted something that represented our craft in the details. Something that like our work was crafted with a purpose and love. 



- We are proudly made in the USA -


The Tonsorialist came about due to a need for aesthetically pleasing products as a barber and stylist would want. Ironically there hasn't been much beauty in the beauty industry.